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F Set / Cable Pair Identifier


The set comprises of two main items, a transmitter and search probe. The transmitter is connected to the cable to be traced via either crocodile clips or a RJ11 plug. This connection provides the tracing signal which the probe can then detect. The probe is activated by a push button switch. A warble tone will be heard when the tip of the probe is over the wanted cable or pair. The new tone on short feature gives confirmation of the identified pair by triggering an audible buzzer at the transmitter when the pair is shorted together.


  • Cable pair ID in data and telecommunications cables
  • Cable tracing
  • Short circuit identification
  • Polarity identification on telecommunications cable
  • Cable identification and tracing in data networks (Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 7, etc)
  • All tone and probe applications

Features of the CZ1000 (F-Set) include:

  • An easy to use system with single button operation
  • 240V mains protected transmitter
  • continuity buzzer (tone on short)
  • Line polarity indication for use on live telecommunications networks
  • A modular plug / clip lead set (RJ11 and crocodile clips)
  • Compatibility with networks worldwide
  • Hard carry case as standard
  • A proven tone and probe combination
  • A quality design, refined and proven over 25 years