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HDMI Splitter & Extender | 1 in 8 out over Cat6

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This product is for splitting a HDMI input signal and sending it to up to eight displays over distances not exceeding 120 metres via Cat6. It comes with four receivers for the display end which support IR pass back allowing you to control the source device from the receiver.

This product is ideal for saving space inside a rack, traditionally you would route the source signal into a HDMI splitter, then into individual senders all of which require individual power packs and additional space. This product is designed to replace all of that mess and unnecessary cabling with a single purpose built unit.


  • Incorporates HDbitT technology
  • Full compatible with HDMI & HDCP
  • Distributes 1 HDMI source to 8 HDbitT displays over CAT6 cable
  • Supports resolutions from 480i@60Hz to 1080p@50Hz/60Hz
  • Supports transmission distance up to 120 meters through CAT6 cable
  • With IR pass-back function