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Pinga Network IP Test Tool


The Pinga is used to verify connectivity across a LAN or WAN without the need of a computer and solve the ever present "I can't connect to the Internet" problem. The Pinga has been designed for network contrators who are continually maintaining computer networks for offices and warehouses and need an independent connection tool to verify connection status and gain connection information. Detect speed, ping, packet response time, MAC address identification, and hub blink for port identification all make your job of fault finding easy and independent of what you are being told and faulty computer hardware.


  • Detect speed and duplex of 10/100/1000 base TX links.
  • Verify IP address assignment with the DHCP client test.
  • Test connectivity across a LAN/WAN by transmitting and receiving pings.
  • Measure packet response time to determine network performance.
  • Transmit link activation signals for port identification.
  • Store multiple profiles consisting of source / destination IP address, gateway address and subnet mask.
  • Configure the Pinga from a web browser of direct keypad entry.
  • Can operate on alkaline batteries or on mains power 
  • Auto Power Down -The Pinga will automatically turn off after the  time selected in the Power Down Setup screen or will run continuously until manually turned off when "ON" is selected for Power Down
  • Low Battery - When the batteries are below the level required for the Pinga to operate properly, a battery graphic appears in the upper right hand corner of the display