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Compliance & Certifications

You see them on products all the time; but what do these symbols actually represent for you as the consumer?


UL Listing

UL is short for Underwriters Laboratories and is a third party not for profit organisation focused on the safety of consumers; through strict and rigorous evaluation. They have been in operation since 1894 and have become a benchmark in consumer safety. Since they aren't financially invested in the products that they evaluate, the mark represents a consumer confidence that products are both safe and fit for operational use.


Regulatory Compliance Mark

The RCM is a symbol signifying that a supplier has taken the necessary steps to have the product comply with the electrical safety and/or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) legislative requirements. It’s intended as an easy way for consumers to identify products which have met certain electrical standards. The electrical safety requirements for using the mark are set out in the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4417.


ETL Verification

The ETL Verified mark serves to denote an elevated level of quality and reliability for a product, signalling to consumers that a product meets high standards. For cabling this mark verifies the specified bandwidth and means that our cabling products will always do what we say they will.


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