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LC-LC OM3 Duplex Fibre Patch Lead


Fibre optic cable is a type of networking and telecommunications cable that uses light transmitted through glass strands to send information. It is commonly used in IT networks and the telecommunications industry as it is able to support much higher bandwidths over an extended distance compared to copper cables. Copper cables are susceptible to EMI/RFI interference however due to the physical properties of fibre optic cables they are unaffected.


Connector Type LC - LC
Polish UPC - UPC
Fibre Count Duplex
Diameter 2.0mm
Jacket Material OFNP
Jacket Colour Aqua
Fibre Mode OM3 50/125µm
Insertion Loss
Return Loss
Fibre Grade Bend Insensitive
Minimum Bend Radius 7.5mm
Wavelength 850nm/1300nm
Attenuation (850nm) 3.0dB/km
Attenuation (1300nm) 1.0dB/km
Polarity A(Tx) - B(Rx)
Operating Temperature -40~75„ƒ
Storage Temperature -45~75„ƒ