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6 Core OS2 | Loose-Tube Drycore Fibre Roll



  • Short pitch cables for special application

  • High performance optical network operating in O-E-S-C-L band

  • High speed optical routes in buildings (FTTx)

  • Cables with low bending requirements

Product Standards:

CERTECH bending insensitive single mode fibre meets or exceeds the ITU-T Recommendation G.652.D/G.657.A1 including the IEC 60793-2-50 type B1.3/B6.a1 Optical Fibre Specification.


  • Low attenuation satisfying the operation demand in O-E-S-C-L band

  • Good bending loss resistance at short radius bends

  • Low bending loss for highly demanding cable designs including ribbons

  • Low PMD satisfying high bit-rate and long distance transmission requirements

  • Accurate geometrical parameters that insure low splicing loss and high splicing efficiency