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Powershield Defender 1600VA UPS


The Defender Range uses Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to minimise the effects of fluctuations in input voltage, protecting your valuable equipment from power line disturbances.

To protect your valued equipment against damaging surges, the Defender has been designed to incorporate the best surge protection in its class.

The stylish LCD display, user replacable, hot swappable batteries and Australian sockets makes the Defender the complete package at this level.


  • Offering the best protection in its class, the Defender protects against damaging surges
  • Modern, stylish LCD display indicates voltage in/out, amount of load and remaining capacity
  • Excellent Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
  • The AVR automatically bucks/boosts unstable fluctuating utility voltages, bringing them within 10% of nominal voltage range and thereby protecting valuable equipment.
  • Home office applications
  • Workstations
  • Security applications
  • Point of sale equipment
  • NAS Drives
  • Batteries are easily hot swappable and user replaceable, extending the service life of your UPS
  • Power Shield Engineers have designed the Defender range to run cool without fans. This makes it the perfect complement to Audio Visual
  • After an extended power outage the UPS will turn back on and resume equipment functionality once power has returned
  • The plugged in UPS will continue to charge internal batteries whether the unit is on or off
  • The UPS can turn on equipment when it is off, simply by connecting equipment and turning the UPS on. This is excellent when you need to power equipment for a short time
  • The free, downloadable NetGuard software provides complete power monitoring. Parameters such as input/output voltage, battery capacity and load level are easily viewed. It also ensures a safe and orderly shutdown in the event of a prolonged outage.